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Energy Saving Module

Innovative & cost-saving


  • For use with Compact Line and Vario Line brakes up to size 16.
  • When used in applications with minimal dynamic requirements, the rectifiers can be installed in small junction boxes.

Energy-Saving Module (ESM) for AC-brakes

ESM Energy-saving module with electronic fast turn-off through voltage detection

The energy-saving module consists of a time-controlled rectifier with integral electronic fast turn-off. During start-up, the ESM delivers bridge-rectified output voltage for a limited period of time before changing over to half-wave rectification. The built-in voltage sensor ensures that the DC side output voltage is interrupted electronically when AC input voltage is removed.
High turn-off voltage generated by inductive loads is limited to the permitted levels inside the module. Thanks to its extremely compact design, the ESM energy-saving module can be installed in very restricted space. The ESM features a central bore for screw fixing inside the junction box.

Energy-Saving Module (ESM) for DC-brakes

ESM energy-saving module for electromagnetic devices

The energy-saving module optimizes the control of inductive loads such as brakes, solenoids and valves.
The electronic module uses pulse-width modulation to keep the voltage supplied to the electromagnetic device at a constant level over a wide input voltage and temperature range.
The full operating voltage is applied for a limited period of time to ensure fast and powerful switching when the load is switched on. The electronic module then reduces the power supply to constant holding voltage. A 30% reduction provides power savings of 50%.
Moreover, lower intrinsic heating of the load extends the operating temperature range.
The module is very compact thanks to the use of state-of-the-art microelectronics and power electronics components. Overexcitation time and holding voltage can be factory-programmed to customer requirements.