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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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The Kendrion high performance rotary solenoid has very short switching times and is therefore especially applicable for sophisticated sorting operation in the logistics industry.

High Performance Rotary Solenoids

With the new high performance rotary solenoid series PDM from Kendrion a new rotary solenoid concept was developed in order to combine high torque, short switching times and sophisticated end position damping. The rotary solenoids are available in bistable or monostable design.

New Rotary Solenoid Platform PDM

Fast Rotating & Strong

The high performance rotary solenoids of the PDM series are extremely fast switching rotary solenoids suitable for the optimum performance of demanding sorting and actuating tasks. With a speed of less than 10 ms letters, banknotes or parcels can be sorted extremely fast and in the correct position. These enormous speeds are achieved by a dual-coil magnet concept. The safe end position is realized by a permanent magnet.

High Reliability

The PDM line convinces by high reliability based on a new magnet concept. Thanks to the permanent magnetic holding (bistable rotary solenoid), the ball bearing and the integrated damping our fast switches easily accomplish 100 million switching cycles.

Customer-Specific Solution

The PDM series is a solenoid platform for the customer-specific adaptation of rotary solenoids. This allows for the cost-efficient development of your individual solution.

Specifications & Technical Details

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Specification from - to
Operation mono-stable and bi-stable
Sizes [mm] Ø50mm, Ø55mm, Ø60mm, Ø80mm
Supply voltage [V] 12 V DC - 48 V DC
Rotation angle [°] 1 - 40 degrees
Torque (Power ON) 0,01- 3 Nm
Holding torque (Power OFF) 0.1 - 1 Nm
Service life > 100 million switchings
Switching time [ms] 8 - 30 ms
Comment Kendrion's rotary solenoids are available with external and internal damping.